Our Processing is to innovate and nurture he different aspects of Clay technologies to beneticiate he common people by its novel ways, to accomplish his objective Jay ambe Mines and  Minerals shall retentlessly innovate and employ the proffessional ways and standards.

Jay Ambe Mines and Minerals the mineral business with the aquisition of reserves and building of mineral processing plant. Jay Aambe Mines and Minerals possess highly equiped plants & full fledged modern machineries. The processing plant is well desinged and built exclusively with high expertised personnels, for which Jay Ambe Mines and Minerals is highly honoured. Processing plant is located near Kakarva Ta. Bhachau Kutch.

Processing: – Our unit operation for the processing of the China Clay & Silica Sand are…
– – High speed blunger
– – De – gritting unit
– – Bleaching unit
– – De- Watering
– – Classification
– – Micronising & Size Reduction.